Image Leach V1.5

Image leach is a little software that can do a lot of things. Given a URL, typed or directly acquired from Internet Explorer via a button, it lists all the picture of that URL.It is also possible via a gadget of the mini web browser to display all the thumbnail pictures link (picture linking to another picture). You can therefore generate a HTML document including the selected picture link for future reference, save all pictures at once or only some of them. Of course you can preview all pictures before downloading them. Alternatively while the software stays on top of all applications, you can drag and drop a picture into the mini web browser and open the Internet Explorer context menu via a right click (Saving as, printing...). You can also preview all pictures inside the picture browser window and eventually rename, copy, move, delete part or all of them and create folder with a minimum of effort. A slide show of all the pictures is even possible. Too easy, mate.

Image leach was born to assist me designing web page when it comes to image. Don't you hate uploading web pages on a server and suddenly realize some pictures are linked badly or not at all? Sometime I wonder why I did awake, or am I awake? This is so true if you can't even display the right pages because links between them are broken. Nobody's perfect and that's why Image leach was born. Many tools can perform the same operation and sure better but this application is a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid (ozzie slang)). If someone can find more easy, let me know... I will compile another version without button so you'll just have to shout at the software and pray it will obey your order... Kidding.

What's new in V1.5: new leach motor, really stable. Picture browser improved. Some gadget added... Application tuning... Minor bugs removed.


OS: 98, 98SE,ME,2000, XP

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