Memo... V1.0

MemoMemo is a little software with several goals in mind. Here are some goals of the software:
-Replace all the sticky bulky jerky notes find around a PC,
-Replacement of some useless software coming with all sorts of spywares like 'Precision ... something'.
-Being able to create a template for each new note transforming memo in what the user like. It can be a diary, an appointment book or whatsoever.
-Being able to launch the software with remembered preferences.
-Being able to follow a time line for all notes
-Being able to easily manage all notes
-Being FREE and WITHOUT INFAMOUS SPYWARE and WITHOUT TERRIBLE NAGS, yes I don't like spyware and nags, how did you guess?
-And many more of course...

Memo is free of complicated training; it is really easy to learn. Some people will probably use it as is immediately. However, I cannot recommend more to read the help file first to get the best of it.
I did pass long hours (and my coffe machine is wrecked) building this software. I do hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

OS: 98,ME,2000,XP
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